Painter. Architect. Interior designer.Writer.

Fëdor Michajlovic Dostoevskij: “The beauty will save the world” 

Nonno Mario

My grandfather owned a "scuderia" of wonderful race cars. This was one of them.
My grandfather owned a "scuderia" of wonderful race cars. This was one of them.

I was born in Rome in 1964. After I had studied and graduated at the art school "Donatello", I was continuing architectural studies and I graduated at the University "La Sapienza" in Rome.
Then I specialized in watercolor technique with Professor Angelo Marinucci.
I have exhibited in some cities such as Berlin, Basel, Rome, Vienna, New York and finally Stockholm and Västerås, where I became a citizen and built my family.
Within the art world, I work to unite different artistic movements from some of the best painters experienced in art history. These artists give me moments of great inspiration in my paintings. Van Gogh and Escher, Modigliani and Mondrian, Matisse and Paolo Uccello inspire me in shape and color.
How can such contrasting painters together harmoniously live in the paintings of me? Well ... first by the construction of the most accurate and balanced design and then with the power of color.
I think that the two factors, drawing and colour, gives the painting life!



Homage to Mstislav Leopol'dovič Rostropovič

I paint with watercolours since 1992. You can find also paintings with other tecnics those I painted before the 1992.


Scenography for a theater piece, 1984. Rome, Italy.

John: "Lisette, let this temple of flesh, rot in obeying the rhythm time."

Lisette: "If it isn´t more John that wants listen to me, at least John let me come into the place of the finite rhythm."

John: "Shut up you and listen to the beat of my cavernous heart, trapped by a cage, even of ivory."

Lisette: "May I ask for time, to the Lord of Time?

You know that I have many friends. You know how I can be influential.
Don´t foresee death, rather, than let her be follow us."

From the script : " Tá. A dog in his human world."


Luca & Mario

Under "Architecture" you will found projects for many utilities: business, school, fitness center and apartments.

Interior Design

Interior desing in Rome, Italy.
Amato padre. Amato padre.

My father, like all the normal fathers, was a simple, special person. 
He worked as interior designer. He told me that he did paint in black the ceiling of the atelier of Capucci in Via Borgognona in Rome. He knew where the light comes from: from the deep, dark, burned no-place inside us.


Grandfather driving a car of his own "scuderia" of racing cars: "Scuderia Roma". Grandfather driving a car of his own "scuderia" of racing cars: "Scuderia Roma".

I wish you to enjoy the life,to smile to the sun and visit the architectures of Frank Lloyd Wright. I wish you to see the paintings of Raffaello, to touch the sculptures of Michelangelo. And finally, I wish you to go to theater and see a masterpiece of William Shakespeare.

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