About me

My parents was noble souls. My father was an artist which means a free man. My mother was a psychologist and played piano.

In the third year of a high school, I had repeated three exams after the summer to continue the Art School. The teacher who examined me in september asked me: " Why you are here? You wasn't  with your  classmates in june?"  "Yes, but I wasn't inspired".

I need years before I start to paint, what is finished in my mind. 
With the architecture is a process who develop step after step with a continuous relation with the thought´s drawings..
I write my theater pieces spontaneous. I write the personaggi, the schenography, the lighting. I have the music in my mind also. Then I must take "distances" and I begin to work with the direction and everything that serves the stage.

Work in progress

On the left side Michele, on the right side Luca and I whom like to enjoy the Life