Homage a Maurits Cornelis Escher

Paolo Uccello teaches us: is only a surface ...

Discover worlds inside you with helps of colours outside yourself.


2016   Watercolour, 112x140 cm.

Homage to Maurits Cornelis Escher

The simple bidimensional world

Actually the paper is only two dimension. The funny is, that ours imagination has no limits.

2016   Watercolour, 40x50 cm

Adam and Eva

Ours parents ... (?)  ...that's something to think...

He is so lucky to see her Eva playing, with balance, in the gold Tree.


2016   Watercolour, 96x140 cm.

Adam & Eva

​​​Which kind of species are we?

Do you believe in Adam, Darwin or yourself ?​​​​​

Private Collection  2016   Watercolour, 40x50 cm

Adam & Eva

​​​Why not?

A.D.A.M. ​​​​​

2016   Watercolour, 20x30 cm

Emergency Exi(s)t

The door, is something to go in or to come out?

 I believe that this is a paradox: is something created to continue what was connectedbelieve that this I to what will be. Actually a door doesn`t exist.


2016   Watercolour, 96x140 cm

Egyptians Geometry

The true construction of a pyramid.

They are only stones whom build a simple geometrical form: a pyramid. Why stone and sand are so attractive in the hot temperature of a desert? 


2015   Watercolour, 96x140 cm.

Artist´s Room

An artist and his atelier

It is really interesting to visit an atelier of an artist. But often is only paintings "on work".


2015   Watercolour, 88x140 cm 

Homage to Piet Mondrian

An artist in a balances desert

I have allways appreciate the paintings of Piet Mondriam. They have such a balance.

I try to take this happens into the world of passion.The three nuances of the yellows
take us in the new city, which loses and begins once again a new equilibrates life,
thanks the balances yellows colours.

                                                                                              2015   Watercolour, 140x100 cm

Homage to Amedeo Modigliani

The bottle of Amedeo wasn´t empty

The rich soul of a man, who fills all what he wants He had nothing! He had painted with colors dissolved in the oil of the boxes of sardines!So rich is this soul! An unbelievable and courageous human being!

2015   Watercolour, 112x140 cm

Homage to Amedeo Modigliani

And not only the bottle.

The rich soul of a man, also in a small dimension.
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2015   Watercolour, 40x50 cm

Homage to Albert Einstein

Can a train fly?

When  we have something wonderful in ours life, we begin the experience of a new dimension;in this new world, the train could also fly.

                                                                                                                                       Private Collection  2015      Watercolour, 50x40 cm

Homage to René Magritte

The colours will receive the Sun

The cold colours are waiting from the Sun. And the Light will comes. 

 2015   Watercolour, 50x40 cm

Spatial Affinities

Be careful.

The funny of the painting is: ...    

                                                                                                                                           2015   Watercolour, 40x50 cm